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5 Things You Should Know About Your Yoga Instructor

First of all, do not confuse yoga teacher and instructor. Since, so many people do this and get confused a bunch regarding this two. Remember that, yoga teacher is the one who can able to teach all such things that are involved in yoga right from the skills to asana. Yoga instructor is the one who can just guide you while you are performing the Asana and some other physical practices. I hope, now you know the differences between the instructor and teacher – right?

While you are hiring any yoga instructor to learn the basics of yoga and the ways to perform asana, you have to check whether or not your yoga instructor has the following qualities.

5 Things You Should Know About Your Yoga Instructor:

Training Course

As I said that instructor will just assist you doing asana. But that does not really mean that, instructor could either or not have done the training course. Rather, the instructor should possess some technical knowledge on basics of teaching asana. So, while hiring the instructors, you should examine whether or not they have done the yoga instructor training course. If not, you could examine for some other instructors who have done that course.

Even you can learn yoga by yourself watching the online videos and other things. But if you have some doubts to be cleared or if you could not understand something, what will you do. Of course, you need to have someone to guide you – right? At the same time, the instructor you are looking for should be professionally strong to help you. This is why I said that, the instructor should have done the training course.

Trust Matters

No matter, either you hire yoga instructor or teacher, but check the background of that person to know about his qualities and behavior. Trust is something that is needed to develop a strong relationship between you and your trainer. The trainer should match your demands and needs without fail, so that you could work freely under the guidance of him.

Certified Trainer or Not

Simply visiting a trainer could not explain you whether or not he is trained professional. So, it would be better to check out his educational portfolio and certification as well. All the certified trainers would register themselves in any yoga training institute to get better as a trainer. If the needed be, you can directly visit that institute and ask about your trainer.

Part Timer or Full Timer

Some people would think that, teaching yoga could not help them to gratify their family demands. But this point will be true when he is not a good instructor do not have skills to guide students. Since the professional yoga instructors will find this job really a satisfying and comforting one for them. So, it would be better if you look for a full time yoga instructor.

Look for the Kindness

Just imagine, if your yoga instructor is short tempered or will get angry quickly, what you will think. Of course, you will never like to do yoga. So, find out the yoga instructor who is caring and loving.