Hari Om Yoga Rishikesh Yoga 9 Things You Must Carry While Going for 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

9 Things You Must Carry While Going for 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga training involves a lot of physical activity and if an individual is looking forward to join the 200 hour yoga teacher training then the individual must carry certain important item which they must not miss. Not having this item can involve another amount of stress and incompleteness. So, precaution is better and it always better to have these collections in advance.

9 Things You Must Carry While Going for 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training:

Relaxed Clothes

Yoga is an exercise of mind and body, which involves a peaceful approach along with clothes, which are very comfortable and relaxed, as it involves a lot of circular movements and bending. Using clothes, which are tight like some tight trouser or shirt, is likely to cause uneasiness in the abdomen and pain. Sometimes, it even leaves bad marks and cause blood clots. So, it is very important to ensure that all the clothe fittings are light and comfortable in 200 hour yoga training.

Proper Footwear

Since the 200-hour training session involves the trainee staying in community with the trainer and other students it’s important to have proper footwear mostly flats. It will not be appropriate to wear heels and boots etc. kinds of sandals. Also, the reason is that the sessions involve reading of Bhagvat Gita which is a Holy book so it is important for reverence sake to have clothing’s and footwear which are proper and not more of like party style.

Personal Items 

The training is of 200 hours and the sessions are longer. After the exercise, individuals are likely to sweat and feel weary. Having a relaxing bath comforts. So, it is also that individuals do not depend on the ashrams, schools and institutions for the provisions of personal items and they carry it with themselves for 200 hour yoga teacher training.

Personal items like soap, toiletries, shampoo, detergents, toothpaste, moisturizer, tissues etc.

Shawl & Sweaters

It is also important for the trainees to carry with themselves some shawl and warm clothes as the evening hours can get very cold and in case if they do not carry then they are likely to regret and sit in cold evenings. Since, most of the training starts after September so there are chance of catching cold.

Yoga Mat

Having a personal yoga mat is very important as sometimes the institutions or schools for 200 hour yoga teacher training may run out extra or do not provide the mat and you may end up exercising the sitting postures without a mat. So carrying a mat will do no harm.

Comfortable Cushion

Having a comfortable cushion is very important as it helps in the relaxation. During the nights sleep also it useful as well as in the day time to relax and rest. Not all schools and yoga institutions provide cushion and blankets.

Stationary Items

Now, stationary items like pen and notepads must not be missed out by individuals. These are very important to note down certain important points and other study keys which is likely to be very useful in the certification examination. Though, some ashrams have provisions for these.

Towels & Napkins

Towels and napkins is a must carry as every minute you may need it. After exercise and wash etc. so it is important to carry these items.

Torch, I-Pads, Headphones etc.

After the yoga and meditation in the relaxing hours people can listen to music, read books and do many other stuffs. So having a torch, headphones and other is very important also serves safety purpose.

Conclusion: Most of the times, the institutions and schools have uniforms and they provide the stuffs, but it is always better to carry the stuffs.