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How to Find Best Yoga Retreats?

If you are stressed out with your daily life and need some refreshment, you must go on a yoga retreat. People usually prefer to go on a vacation but sometimes because of air strikes, lost luggage or more than 15 hours’ flight, vacations prove to be more stressful. So, try yoga retreat for a change. People who have been on yoga retreat often say that just arriving at the destination gave them a sense of peace.

Imagine how much peaceful it must have become when they would have actually attended the sessions. Yoga retreats can also help you find clarity and direction. Also, the benefits of yoga for personal health and well-being are not hidden from anyone. Knowing the benefits of yoga, if you are planning to go on a yoga retreat, then here are some tips that will help you in choosing the best one.

How to Find Best Yoga Retreats?

  • Location:

It is certainly one of the most important factors while deciding for a yoga retreat. Yoga retreats are offered all over the world so choose a place which is your favourite or which you will love to explore. Going to place where you always wanted to go also gives you a sense of satisfaction. So, discover whether you are a city person or a nature person, a beach person or a mountain person or the kind of person who loves to explore culture and arts and then pick your place accordingly.

  • Choice of Tutor or Guide:

Once you have picked up your location, you should start familiarising yourself with the tutors or coaches guiding the retreat. For example, you must know about their years of experience in guiding small group vacations as well as teaching yoga. You can ask them about their client testimonials as they will give you an insight about the tutor and will help you in making a better decision. You should also have knowledge about their depth of experience with retreat centre, culture, language, site, activities and country. This is your vacation targeted at discovering peace and you would obviously want to be guided by someone who have more experience and knowledge than you.

  • Style of Yoga:

It is very important to align your retreat with your definition of yoga. If your definition includes meditation along with philosophy and chanting, then ensure that these are included in the itinerary you are considering. Also be sure about the level of yoga you want like beginner, intermediate or expert and then choose accordingly. One must also consider the amount of yoga he or she is preferring to do while on a retreat. While retreats offer just one class a day, some offer 2 classes daily with workshops, yoga clinics as well as private coaching. So, know about your needs and then plan accordingly.

  • Duration:

You should know for how long you want to be on a yoga retreat. You have the option of choosing from anywhere between 2-night weekend to longer that 8 days. Longer duration does not necessarily mean that it would be better. Sometimes, all you need is a weekend getaway in order to reboot.

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