500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh India

Hari Om Yoga Rishikesh 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh India

500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

If you are thinking about joining a 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training course, then you must have a lot of patience. And that’s what makes you perfect for the course. As you’ve already learned the basics, your skills will be advanced so that you can teach Yoga to others.

If you are enthusiastic and dedicate yourself to Yoga, then the program’s intensive practice and hard work will help you to face the challenges that you might have to deal with after you become a Yoga teacher.  Therefore, you need a school that would fulfill your requirements. At Hari Om Yoga Rishikesh, you will be able to begin from the starting point and get to the super advanced level to become a Registered Yoga Teacher. The program often extends from one to three months. You will also need a practical teaching experience to become a professional Yoga teacher.

Categories of the 500 Hour Yoga Training Instructions

The Yoga Alliance the USA only certify those Yoga school which offers an authentic and in-depth study of Yoga. Thus Yoga Alliance has already categorized the curriculum for all the institutions. The categories of the Instructions included in the course are:

  1. Yogic Techniques and Practice:

The Yoga techniques will enhance in such a way that you will expertise in all the postures and asana. The training areas that we are going to cover during this phase are:

  • Asana: The Geometric postures that would help to align the body and combine your mind, emotions, and energy altogether.
  • Pranayama: It is an exercise in which you will learn to control your breath.
  • Mantra: The recitation of the sacred and holy sounds that synchronize your mind and body with the environment.
  • Chanting: Singing or utterance of mantras again and again which will purify the mind, body, soul, and
  • Prayer: Prayer is like a mean of communication with the divine one and to offer your own self to become a devotee.
  • Concentration: It is the ability to focus and be a single unit externally and internally.
  • Meditation: It is the direct practice of self-discovery and attains peace.
  • Kriyas: The actions involving breath and internal system.

The training will be done by the combination of any of the above-listed practices. You will learn how to perform them correctly and teach others. The techniques and practices will provide you an intellectual knowledge so that you will be gain actual experience of teaching.

  1. Anatomy and Physiology:

During the 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, you will gather a deep knowledge of the human systems and how they work together. You will be studying the muscular and skeletal structure, the nervous system and the functioning of different organs. In this section, you will come around terms like Chakras and Nadis which are the means of channeling the energy throughout the body. The teacher will help you to use the knowledge in practice to ensure that you don’t just have the intellectual knowledge. Some additional topics such as contraindications, benefits of the various practices and methods are also included in the study. You will also get to learn how to move the body and keep it aligned in certain ways to stay healthy and fit.

  1. Teaching Methodology:

We comprehend that every student is different and that’s why we focus on our each and every student. We apply our teaching method depending on particular students needs. In this session, students also get to learn how to become a good yoga teacher, how to manage the class and how to communicate with students while teaching yoga posture. Everything that one expert yoga teacher should know about it will be taught in teaching methodology class. Here, our instructor will tell you the attributes and qualities of a good yoga teacher. Thus, our 500 Hour yoga program will advance your teaching skills that will further open the doors of opportunities in your life as a yoga teacher.

  1. Yogic Philosophy and Teaching Ethics:

The 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training program will make you indulged into various different dynamics that will aid you in advancing your knowledge about yoga. You will adapt yourself to various yoga postures and you will learn to follow a yogic lifestyle. You will explore interesting facts of yoga that will make you adopt the yogic lifestyle.  In this session, you will learn teaching ethics, and you will get to learn how to behave with others while teaching. Our instructors will convey their knowledge to students. You will learn how to teach yoga Asanas to others in an authentic manner.

  1. Actual Teaching Experience:

We at Hari Om Yoga Rishikesh offer real teaching experience to our students. Our instructor will provide you with feedback on your teaching and correct you where you are wrong. You will receive feedback not only from teachers but also from others students. Our highly experienced teachers will asset you in correcting and adjusting yoga postures and they will give personal attention to you. You will also get an opportunity to observe other students teaching. Thus, after completing our 500 Hr course, you will become capable of teaching yoga postures to others and it will bring a lot of opportunities in your life.

Why You Should Take the 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training?

Nowadays, as technology is advancing, people have started to rely on the technologies for their every task. But in doing so, all of them are losing their health and inner self. So, taking care of your health must be your priority. With the Yoga training course at Hari Om Yoga Rishikesh, you will learn to learn various things including:

  • Your Body and Mind: When you start doing Yoga, you will gain knowledge about the physiology of your body. Plus you will get to learn how to deal with the thoughts in your mind and how to create a positive energy around you.
  • Yoga Anatomy: This concept will introduce you to the aspects that can be manipulated to make you healthy and fit. You will learn the poses, asana, and postures that affect the physique and also learn how to improve them.
  • Yoga as a Medicine: The lack of human activity lead to various ailments and disease. Once you start doing Yoga you will know that it can be used to cure various physiological disorders.
  • Spiritual Benefits: The best part of Yoga is that you will have a redeemed spirit that wants to serve their kind with a true heart. Your self-confidence, creativity, emotional stability will improve and you will be able to teach the same thing to others.

With our 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in India, you will understand why the training program is necessary to evolve you as a Yoga teacher.  Perfection is a myth but with our program, you will be closer to perfection and ready to help others.