The yoga professionals at Divine Yoga Academy are deprived of any doubt amid the most knowledgeable and competent yoga teachers all across the globe. They brag exceptionally different qualifications and every one of them share a single common passion: serving others with this art of yoga to achieve harmony in their lives by discovering inner peace and satisfaction which permits them to comprehend real beauty in the routine life, and appreciate life for all it has to proffer and live it to the fullest!

Swami Nityanandan Giri

Swami Nityanandan was born in 1961 in a far-flung village of Odisha State in India. In the year 1983 he completed his M.sc in Zoology and gained Ph.D. in the year 1990. In the year 1994 he was moved towards the learning of Kriya yoga and belongs to the custom of Sriyukteswarji. He left all his family obligations in 2002 & from then he progressed on the path of being a monk.

He was a passionate teacher and a compassionate person since childhood. Hence he keeps himself engaged in imparting the insights of kriya yoga. He has also gained insights of Vedic astrology & cosmic astrology. He lived the life of a roving monk since year 2008 and the Himalayan monasteries were his much adored dwelling. Sometimes he used to guide yoga devotees to kriya yoga meditation techniques in India as well as in abroad, since September 2005 hedistributed the knowledge gained from the great yoga masters of the linage as a duty.

Swami Nityanandan was a great yoga teacher and your first impression might be that he teaches in an incredibly challenging style. He has the ability to demonstrate some of the most complex postures andeven more amazinglygetting yoga devotees to experience the same in a more easier and simpler way. He has gained all these skills only by the lifetime experience, which has augmented his passion and strength to lead the life of a yoga guru.

Pramod Sahoo ( E-RYT® 500, YACEP® )

Pramod SahooPramod is born and brought up in Odisha. He belongs to a spiritual family. His parents have deep faith in Lord Vishnu. During his childhood days he use to do meditation in silence, use to go to mountains and temples and has also attended many Yoga Traditions. He has done masters in Yoga and meditation from Jain Bharti University in Rajasthan, E-RYT course from USA Alliance, Six years of Ashram living and Yoga teaching from Himalayan yoga and Meditation Tradition. Apart from this he also has 2 years of experience in fire offering in Haridwar.

Pramod ji continues to live his passion for yoga every day; he has gained a lot of reputation in yoga teaching and all this is because of the sense of humor balanced with a quest for authenticity to learn, practice as well as teach yoga techniques. He is an inspirational yoga teacher which brings alive the mystical essence of yoga. The classes conducted by him are soulful, learning, joyous and on the same time safe.

Nikhil Kumar

NikijiNikhil Kumar is a vetran in Physical Therapy and posture imbalance. He has done masters in Physical Therapy in Musculoskeletal Disorders in Orthopedic Branch and diploma in Sports Medicine from West Bengal. Moreover he also certified from Indian academy of fitness training Mangalore for Pilate’s trainer.

He has a simple yet modern day style of teaching. Under guidance of Dr Deepak Kumar he has done manual therapy. As of now he is doing M.A. from Uttrakhand.





Bramachari Siddhanta has been practicing this spiritual yogic art for more than a decade. He was attracted to the yogic kriyas long back in his early college days. He left his home at a vulnerable age of 16. Since then he guided and self-motivated himself in the field of yoga. Therefore, he joined Anandamurti Gurumaa at an early age of 22; he loved there, got all the insights, practiced yoga & learnt the magical yogic art at Annandamurti Gurumaa’s ashram for a long period of 8 years.

He consolidated all the yogic insights for all these years; he took this knowledge to another height of professionalism. Today, as a yoga teacher he is very much renowned not just in Rishikesh, but in many other parts of the world too.

Later, he specialized his practice and mastered in Hatha Yoga & Japa Yoga. Currently as an acknowledged Hatha &Japa Yoga teacher he teaches it dedicatedly and helps students learn many other ways of leading a significant and more meaningful life.


Manoj Rawat

Manoj Rawat has been living a yogic life since childhood. His grandfather was  his first Yoga Guru as a karma yogi. His grandfather taught him the ways of learning and following the real Yoga. He has been shedding light on the different paths of Yoga like Bhakti Yoga, Karma Yoga and Raja Yoga.

He was born in Rishikesh, India, which is the world capital of Yoga. Hence, Yoga has always been a big part of his life. He has been practicing Yoga from a young age and spent many years in the Ashrams to learn from the many Swamis and Yogis about the depth of Traditional Ancient Yoga. Today he is a qualified Hatha yoga teacher with an advanced Yoga teaching and performing postures at Divine Yoga Academy.

His qualifications are Certificate course in Yogic Studies from Bihar Yoga Bharti – Academic year -2012, Pranic Healing Course from Word Pranic  Healing foundation, given  October 2013, Rishikesh (UK), Advance Teacher training from Rishikesh – year 2013, Yoga Master Degree from Uttarakhand Sanskrit University, Haridwar – year-2014.


Vinod kumar was born in Rishikesh, India. From childhood he has been practicing Yoga and Meditation. He has several years of Yoga teaching experience under the guidance of his Yoga Guru. He helps students gain an understanding of body alignment and performing Asana by following ancient methods of non-hurting. His passion in Yoga is visible in his teaching methods; students find his classes highly effective. He helps students plunge into what he has been teaching with enthusiasm and an open mind.

He is a motivated Yoga Instructor with advance training in yoga specialization in Hatha, Ashtanga Vinyas principles. Enjoy inspiring others to improve wellness and commit to long term health and fitness goals, energetic and outgoing with a collaborative spirit. He has developed integrated yoga practices for prevention, rehabilitation and various health issues so that everyone in the society can get benefits from doing Yoga.

Vinod Kumar has completed High school from UA Board in 2006, Intermediate from UA Board in 2008, Graduation from H.N.B Garhwal University Shrinager in 2014. 6 Month Yoga Training  from Uttrakhand Sanskrit University, Haridwar in 2013 as Certified Yoga Instructor.

Also, he has participated in 13 State Yoga Championship 2013 from the Uttrakhand State Yoga Association, International Yoga festival 2014 from GMVN Rishikesh and many other computations. Now he is sharing his Yoga experience as a divine service at “DIVINE YOGA ACADEMY”, Rishikesh, India.


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