7 Days Yoga Retreat

Are you looking for a short term yoga teacher training course? Yes, We have a 7 days Yoga Retreat for you which help you to learn and practice yoga at our school. This program of 7 days yoga retreat will be taught by our experienced teachers.

7 Days Yoga Retreat Schedule:

  • Ashtanga Vinyasa Primary series – 7 Classes
  • Classical Hatha Yoga – 6 Classes
  • Pranayama / Yogic Breathing Practices  – 6 Classess


Kapal Bhati


Yogic Breathing

Ujjayi Breathing

  • Yogic Cleansing Practices –

Jala Neti


  • Meditation –

Mantra Meditation

So Ham Meditation.

Chakra Mrditation

  • Yoga Philosophy – 6 Classes

Introduction to Yoga Sutra

Introduction to Indian Philosophy

Introduction to Ashtanga Yoga

The Pain Body

  • Yoga Anatomy -2 Classes

Muscular System and Yogic Effect on it

Skeletal system.and Yogic Effect on it

Diagesting System and Yogic Effect on it

  • Local Sight seen –

Ganga Arti

Water Fall

Price details:

Price with Food and accommodation –  $ 350

Without Food and accommodation – $150

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